About Nickichicki

A long time lover of fashion and style, i'm also a big believer in not taking yourself too seriously. Each piece of Nickichicki knitwear is designed by me (hi! I'm Nicole!), and thus each piece of knitwear is a small reflection of me. Stylish, fun, and a little over the top!
Once i became a mom i became filled with an irresistible urge to put my sons in hats with pompoms the size of their heads. I was overjoyed when they became my best seller! Apparently this is a common feeling many moms are pulled to. We all like big poms and we cannot lie.
While i like to keep it fun, i also put a lot of thought into my pieces. When designing my patterns i focus on not only style, but also functionality. I want you to look good, but i also want you to FEEL good/feel confident while you're wearing your knits. Fit + quality should always go hand and hand with fashion!